Book Overview
Robert L.Shook and Barry Farber invite eager entrepreneurs to join 33 of today’s business and sales best as they share the details behind their greatest sales moves and ultimately, impart valuable lessons on how to sell your way to success.

Crafted to cover a variety of industries, products, and services, this entertaining playbook urges entrepreneurs to reinvent their sales approach, illustrating proven techniques, tips, and tricks in each story and summarizing the unique take-away offered by its teller. Entrepreneurs uncover such pearls as how to ignite creativity to overcome sale barriers, how to create long-term customers, and how to sell what the customer wants (hint: it’s not always a product or service). Entrepreneurs also gain invaluable insight and encouragement as they turn from story to story, leaving the pages with lessons learned and the excitement of being privy to an exchange among the elite in their industry.

Featuring Mark Roesler:
CMG Worldwide’s Founder, chairman and CEO Mark Roesler is the pre-eminent authority on the valuing, marketing and protecting of celebrities' valuable intellectual property rights. Roesler was featured on the 2009 season premiere of 60 MINUTES. In this exclusive episode, television journalist Steve Kroft said, "No other agent in the world represents more famous people than Mark Roesler: stroll down Hollywood Boulevard with him and he’ll point out 62 of his clients who are immortalized with their own stars on the "Walk of Fame," stars such as Errol Flynn, Gloria Swanson and Ginger Rogers."

Roesler has represented and worked with over 1,000 of the most famous celebrities in the world over the past quarter of a century, including such icons as Elvis Presley, Norman Rockwell, Sophia Loren, and Marlon Brando. These celebrities and the many legends on the current prestigious client list which include James Dean, Bettie Page, Malcolm X, Jackie Robinson, Amelia Earhart and over 300 others. Roesler and his company represent the marketing and legal interests of his various clients, particularly focusing on establishing their rights of publicity, trademarks and copyrights.

Roesler was also the expert witness for the Brown and Goldman families in the civil case against O.J. Simpson. It was Roesler’s testimony on the “future net worth” of Simpson that allowed the victims to secure a $33.5 million dollar judgment against Simpson.